No learning journey is identical for any individual and so we have developed intense learning and transformational experiences where each leader is submerged in Immersion Pods at different stages of this one year leadership programme to deepen their learning.
There are 5 Immersion Pods that you will experience over a Period of 1 Year - one of which is optional.

Who is a Mission Impossible Leader?

A Mission Impossible Leader is one who:

• Takes on impossible missions that many won’t touch, and one that will make a huge difference to humanity.

• Stretches his/her capabilities and takes on new challenges, not only at work but in the world too.

• Brings people along even if they are different, because they share the leader’s vision and will help achieve his/her dreams.

• Is driven by a purpose much bigger than him/her and is simply unstoppable

• Cares for the people and the earth. Exploitation of the earth is a complete no no!

Who is this programme for?

The programme is for individuals who:

• Have an underlying urge to expand their leadership and use it to have a powerful impact in the world

• Want to get very clear about their life purpose and let that drive their activities and decisions in life and work

• Have a desire to discover how to be totally free and unleash their potential

• Want to change from within and become unstoppable

What is the format of this programme?

This Mission Impossible Leadership Program will be run over 1 year and will be a combination of workshops, experiential sessions, on site real work, 1-1 Coaching and a live 1 year Mission Impossible project that will totally transform one's leadership. Every Leader will have to work at many levels simultaneously to master this new style of leadership.

How will this programme enhance your leadership?

  • This programme will enhance your capabilities to get really clear about who you are, and will enable you to expand your perspectives, learn the key tenets of collaboration, develop your self-awareness as a leader and bring alive the potential you see around you in people and in the world.
  • This intensely transformational programme will free you from what is holding you back, enable you to have breakthroughs in areas that you hadn’t looked before and build your muscle in dealing with conflicts and breakdowns.
  • You will also find that your intuitive capacity, self-awareness and connectedness to others is enhanced and brings through new capabilities.

Your programme journey is designed to ensure you emerge as the new “YOU” with capabilities that unleash the authenticity and power of you as a leader.

Clearing Pod + Purpose Pod
Week 1 - A 4 days of intensive workshop
Day 1: Discovering ‘who am I’
Day 2: Understanding the ‘Being’
Day 3: Generating Purpose
Day 4: Mission Impossible
Capabilities Pod
Week 12-48
Day 5: Being Unstoppable
Day 6: Playing Massively
Day 7: Celebrating your Bigger Game
Service Pod
Week 2-28
Being in service (at least 20 hours) of the community you wish to address with your Mission Impossible Project.
Unstoppable Pod
Week 2-52
- A 1 year Mission Impossible Project
- Monthly Evolve Circles
- Evolve & Grow Learning Series (Optional)
- 1-1 Coaching Session (Optional)

Our Programme Leaders

Sunil Savara

“My purpose in life is to be a catalyst in the transformation of human beings.”

Manisha Dahad

“My purpose in life is to bring people from all walks of life together to unleash their greatness to create a betterworld.”

Simon Mckenzie

"I dream of a world with more peace, more joy and more fairness. My purpose is to bring people together who share this dream to inspire action.”

Dharmesh Mistry

"My purpose in life is to generate pure joy, by enabling people get in touch with their true self”