Our signature program for all leaders now in Virtual Online mode!

This 10-day virtual workshop, part-time across 48 hours of intense, breath-taking sessions, will develop you as a powerful and joyfully expressive person, and an unstoppable, purposeful leader.

What will you get from this program?

You will discover authentically your life’s true purpose, and that will empower your choices in life and work. You will discover the real “me”, much beyond your roles, your ego and personality, & move beyond these.

This program will free you from all that is holding you back, enable you to have breakthroughs in areas that you hadn’t looked before. You will be able to unleash your full potential, and find aspects of you that are powerful and yet so simple to use, in being extraordinary in ordinary situations.

You will discover ways to transform your core relationships in work and life to an extraordinary level.

LOCATION : Virtual Online
WHEN : 18 – 27 December, 2020

Weekdays from 5 pm to 8:30 pm
Weekends from 3 pm to 9 pm.
On Day 9, the time may extend a bit.
WHERE : Zoom ID 3118184685.

If you are interested in this program and need financial assistance, or instalments, please drop us an email at sunil@missionimpossibleleaders.com