Aldo Montini Company : United Technologies India

Role : Manager, Strategy & Business Development

Samridhi Dhar Company : Mahindra Partners

Role : Manager HR(Learning & OD)

Naveen Kumar Company : Capitaire Advisors LLP

Role : Managing Partner, Kochi, Kerala, India

Meenakshi Nayar Company : ETASHA Society

Role : President

Sasi Kumar Gendham Company : Salcomp

Role : Managing Director

Purpose : To unleash True potential in people, Empower them to bring out their best, which will enable the whole world to live up to their dreams.

Radka Manakova Company : Team Test s.r.o.

Role : Executive director

Purpose : I experienced love that is bigger than me. So I feel that purpose of my life is to take us beyond boundaries we have lived so far, so we all can feel that love.

Lata Mishra Company : Head Held High Foundation

Role : Master Trainer

Rakesh Soans Company : FSL India

Role : President

Purpose : Through laughter I want to connect people, to spread happiness across the rest of the world.

Lisha Company : Kalinga University, India

Role : Student

Purpose : To create a beautiful world where all men and women live in peace and harmony.

Richard Puthota Company : Alpha Assembly Solutions

Role : Sr. Director – Business Development

Purpose : The purpose of my life is to make available abundant and clean water for this beautiful world and thus enable joy and happiness for generations to come.

Hemathri Babu Company : Salcomp

Role : Senior Manager, Demand Supply Manager

Purpose : Empower people to make this beautiful world and get them live joyful life.

Ivo Novotny Company : Arriva

Role : Former CEE HR Director

Purpose : To support people to become ‘Whole, Perfect and Complete’ so that they can live together, all together with joy and harmony.

Ketan Vyas Company : MVSC Pvt Ltd, India

Role : Managing Director

Purpose : To bring joy to people by by helping them discover their true potential.

Alix Farquhar Company : Bridge Partnership

Role : Lead Consultant

Purpose : Bringing the knowledge and wisdom of tribal communities into the modern society and sharing it across both ends.

Clemence Billoud Company : Second Home

Role : General Manager

Purpose : Enable human beings to unleash their creative imagination and to reach their infinite potential thereby lighting up the world with joy and self-expression.

Garima Gupta Kapila Company : Swasth Foundation

Role : Trustee

Purpose : My deep belief that the potential to be the best we can be, is not external to us, but lies within us. And that my vision is for all fellow human beings to be in harmony and to reach their highest potential. I believe that by connecting with our inner self (or “Being”), we can re-discover our wholeness and can achieve internal harmony – with our body, our vital energies, our thoughts & emotions. This internal harmony will naturally reflect our relationships – with food, with people, with work, with success, and with the rhythms of nature.Once we are in a state of harmony, most “modern” ailments (such as diabetes, hypertension, hormonal imbalances, arthritis, asthma, even cancer) will get reversed and unlock the body’s potential.

Believe in Miracles by Garima Gupta Kapila

The setting, or rather the discovery of my life's purpose, is accompanied by butterflies in my stomach, That don't let go!
Doubts – is this really it? Fears – can I do it? Concern – do I even understand it? Worry – can I teach it? Despair – is there even a need for it? (in the world)
What if I don't know what I'm talking about? What if people don't feel this missing in their lives? What if there's nothing new I bring to the world? What if I'm not able to make it happen?
So many If-s, So many But-s, But all that will be ok, If this is IT.
So I'm begging and praying for a sign, To tell me that this really is IT. It's not a game of my mind, But the reason for my existence.
My heart seems to say yes, The beauty around does too - Everything is here in this moment, The sun, birds, trees, Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishnma (his guru), My heart, this pen, solitude
Can I just, for a moment, trust the universe, And let go?
For then, in that moment, And possibly for the rest of my life, I become but an instrument, In the hands of God who decides.
SO relieving that is! To not have that burden! I've been waiting for a sign, And this – right here, is the miracle.
The miracle of life, of this force divine, which runs this cycle (of death and life), and for all – is the force inside.
So, yes, I accept it finally. My birth, death, fate - were never mine to decide, So how could my life purpose be?
My life purpose, is actually not mine! It's yours & yours alone, And now, so is the rest of my life
I surrender to the universe, which birthed my lovely soul, which took me through so many experiences, so that I could reach here today.
And I set myself free, Truly free – coz it's not from My past, my failures, my shortcomings, Its from all of me! Yes! I surrender to thee.