Dancing with the Gods

A leadership program unleashing the power of Coaches

Dancing with the Gods is about dancing sublimely with one’s inner True Self or with the True Selves of others, in a state of total equanimity, centredness and joy. However, as Coaches everyday life provides us only glimpses of this state, some days more and some less, and often we find ourselves dancing with our Egos, feeling reactive, unsure or unclear. Knowing that this True Self exists in each of us and we can make this powerful Self available more and more in our lives, we have introduced this transformational program that will enable you to have mastery over this dance!

This program promises to turn you into an extraordinary leader & Coach, where you can lead a powerful life and be unstoppable in every endeavour!

Over 25 years we have fine-tuned the design of transforming any individual into a powerful human being by shifting their paradigms of looking at themselves and the world, enabling them to experience the power inside themselves and by building their capability to express their leadership fully.

"I am very amazed at the impact this program has had on my leadership and my coaching. I have pushed beyond my boundaries and comfort zone, found ways to self manage better, in terms of dropping judgments, assumptions and emotions in a coaching session, and transform the conversations with my clients in an instant. I find that my clients are magically able to tap into their resources and greatness easily!”

Garima Gupta Kapila, Mumbai, India

This entire program enables individuals like you to become great leaders and coaches, where:

  • You listen very deeply to what is happening within you & in another. You become self aware & fully present.

  • You tap into your True Self and relate to another’s True Self and bring forth the power. Your true presence expands.

  • You bring your greatness alive and uncover another’s greatness. You unleash everyone’s greatness.

  • You have the energy and courage to grow your business or organisation ten fold. You become unstoppable.

  • You become great at bringing teams together and unleash their potential and leadership. You create new leaders.

  • You communicate with tremendous clarity and people get what you have to say. You inspire others.

  • You have greater capacity to think of possibilities and find solutions to problems. You have an expanded perspective.

So here is an invitation for you.

An invitation to expand your presence, be powerful in your listening at very subtle levels and in incredible new ways, create a space that transforms and most importantly live your own life powerfully by generating your day-to-day, from your Life Purpose, which you will discover, 100%, in a way never imagined!

This 1 year program has 2 residential workshops (4 days + 3 days). The first 4 day workshop is an intense, transformational one, where you move from being an ordinary leader & coach to an extraordinary one. The second workshop is an advanced one, where you learn new leadership & coaching capabilities.

Please do listen to other participants here.

This program is an enhanced version of the Mission Impossible Leaders program and will be run by Sunil Savara, Manisha Dahad & Dharmesh Mistry at
Zion Hills Golf County, Kolar, Bangalore, India.
19th - 22nd December 2019
A 4 day intensive workshop
5th - 7th June 2020
A 3 day intensive workshop