Why do we need Mission Impossible Leaders?

So much is changing in our world. On one hand, we have the amazing technological and scientific progress that is enabling humanity to connect, learn and unleash its potential globally 
and on the other hand, we have had the side effect of globalization, rising capitalism and conflict, that has created inequity, destroyed communities, and left many hungry. We need leaders in our world today that can dream up solutions and possibilities that help us move beyond these challenges. As Albert Einstein says, “we cannot solve our problems at the same level of thinking that created them.” We need leaders to take on seemingly impossible missions that change the way the world can be ~ sustainable, equitable & abundant!

We stand for the possibility of great leadership in the world

Imagine our world in which we have 1000 Mahatma Gandhis, Martin Luther Kings, George Washingtons, Nelson Mandelas, Albert Einsteins, Isaac Newtons, Malalas, Paul Polmans, Oprah Winfreys, Aung San Suu Kyis.

We would have a world where leaders are creating innumerable possibilities; abundance for everyone without any sign of poverty, joy and peace without the debilitating impact of war and conflict and newer ways of being that appreciate our planet and people and what is available here.

We need more and more leaders that can dream big and even bigger.

We need leaders that can stretch beyond their existing paradigms of thinking and not be stopped by limited perspectives.

We need leaders who can expand their internal being and embrace people and bring people along with them to collectively achieve their dreams for this world.

We see our role as planting seeds of greatness in leadership.

Our vision is to have a million leaders in the world who have their greatness unleashed!

About our Team

We are pushing for a new era of leadership that is wholesome, audacious, synergistic and powerful and can stand for bringing in new ways of flourishing in this world. We believe that these leaders will create and build societies that are empowered, self sustaining and reliant. Our team leaders are representative of this style of leadership.

Our team

Sunil Savara

“My purpose in life is to be a catalyst in the transformation of human beings.”

Manisha Dahad

“My purpose in life is to bring people from all walks of life together to unleash their greatness to create a betterworld.”

Simon Mckenzie

"I dream of a world with more peace, more joy and more fairness. My purpose is to bring people together who share this dream to inspire action.”

Dharmesh Mistry