Who is a Mission Impossible Leader?

A leader that can dream big and even bigger to make a difference to humanity.

A leader that can stretch beyond existing paradigms of thinking and be totally unstoppable.

A leader that can embrace people and bring them along to collectively achieve their dreams for this world.

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Are you ready to be a Mission Impossible Leader?

Do you have an underlying urge to expand your leadership and use it to have a powerful impact in the world?

Do you want to get very clear about your life purpose and let that drive your activities and decisions in life and work?

Do you have a desire to discover how to be totally free, leave your past behind and unleash your potential?

Do you want to change from within and become unstoppable?

This is not a regular Leadership programme where you will learn some key leadership skills.

This is for individuals who are ready to embark on a transformational journey within, where they can truly understand themselves deeply, unravel their life purpose and take on a seemingly impossible mission that makes a difference in the world.  Only and only if you are ready for all this, would we recommend this programme for you.

  • This programme will enhance your capabilities to get really clear about who you are

    It will enable you to expand your perspectives, learn the key tenets of collaboration, develop your self-awareness as a leader and bring alive the potential you see around you in people and in the world

  • This programme will free you from what is holding you back

    It will enable you to have breakthroughs in areas that you haven’t looked before and build your muscle in dealing with conflicts and breakdowns

  • This programme will help you find and enhance your intuitive capacity

    It will heighten your self-awareness and connectedness to and bring through new capabilities

Our team

Sunil Savara

“My purpose in life is to be a catalyst in the transformation of human beings.”

Manisha Dahad

“My purpose in life is to bring people from all walks of life together to unleash their greatness to create a betterworld.”

Simon Mckenzie

"I dream of a world with more peace, more joy and more fairness. My purpose is to bring people together who share this dream to inspire action.”

Dharmesh Mistry

"My purpose in life is to generate pure joy, by enabling people get in touch with their true self.”